Employment Opportunities

At some point in our lives, we will probably all want to know where we can find a list of employment opportunities but most people are not aware that one of the best sources for finding any is the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). This is an office within the Department of labor with the responsibility to ensure that all companies that undertake government contracts are fully compliant with government regulations and requirements. They do this by way of an OFCCP audit which ensures that the company is adequately posting job vacancies and hires in a nondiscriminatory manner.

Due to the knowledge which the office acquires whilst carrying out their task, they are made aware of many of the job vacancies most of the OFCCP compliant companies have. The office then lists these vacancies and posts them on their websites by area. The OFCCP websites are therefore one of the best places to find a large diverse number of job opportunities in your specific area.

Of course, just knowing where there is a job opportunity and actually getting the job are two different matters but without knowing where the opportunities exist you will never find any employment so you have to start somewhere. In order to stand the best chance of acquiring any vacancy which exists, it is best to be fully prepared and this means having your resume up to date and on hand as it will probably be asked for before even an interview can take place.

If you feel you do not have adequate experience or training for a job you would like, it is possible to enter a training program which could better qualify you. Obviously, any training program will have a cost and as you may be currently unemployed, that cost may be outside your budget but there may be a solution to that dilemma and that solution could be available on the National Center for Financial Education (NCFE) website. The NCFE is responsible for managing and advertising any government training programs outside of regular schools. On their website, they will display what courses are available and who is entitled to government financial assistance in taking them.

Regardless of how much help the government can provide, being unemployed is always a tough time, especially financially and so if you find yourself in this situation you will need to devise a frugal budget in order to see you through until you eventually do find suitable work. In this situation, some people opt to take on part-time employment as a stop gap until they find permanent work. Although part-time work may not be every body’s preference, it can help you to support your family’s financial needs until a more suitable opening arises. Being frugal whilst looking for work is especially important as you may need to eventually relocate in order to find the job you want and need. If this is the case you should check to see if can at least get reimbursed your relocation costs via your next tax return.